The PC game is changing. Find out what it's like with NVIDIA GeForce NOW

The pc game is changing. Find out what it's like with nvidia geforce now

The PC game is changing.

It’s not what it once was: Western development studios produced games aimed at a monolithic Western audience. New developers incorporate influences from a wide range of cultures, and this takes the form of new PC games. NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a perfect example of that NVIDIA GeForce ARA is an easy way to explore it.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is inspired by Anime and JRPG, showing these influences on maps and character designs. It shows dazzling graphics as it pits players against each other in a format popularized by PC games: Battle Royale. IN NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, 60 players face melee and controls that may seem to come from a console, but these are PC games.

Naraka: bladepoint and nvidia geforce now

(Image credit: NetEase Games Montreal)

With NVIDIA GeForce ARA, PC games are more about experience than hardware. GeForce NOW cloud games allow you to free yourself from the need for the latest and greatest hardware for a first-class experience, playing almost any device you want and allowing you to access PC graphics games like NARAKA: BLADEPOINT from phone, tablet, Chrome browser, even very low performance devices.

GeForce NOW offers a large number of games with more than 1,000 titles in its library, with others being added every Thursday GFN. And the games you have available will include titles you already have in other game store libraries, such as Steam or Epic Games Store, so you won’t have to buy titles a second time to use them on GFN.

If some of your fans of PC gaming are having the best experience, membership in GeForce NOW Priority will make you feel like you're running the latest hardware with extended gaming sessions, priority server access, and advanced graphics configurations like NVIDIA RTX real-time ray tracing enabled. The plan is only $ 9.99 a month, which is much lower than the cost of building and upgrading a high-end gaming PC over the years. You can also try it for free, and since nearly 100 of the supported titles are also free games, you can go straight into the action of Fortnite or Apex Legends.

GeForce NOW also eliminates the hassle of downloading and updating your game library. The latest versions of the games are stored on NVIDIA's servers, so when you want to take action, you can just go in, without any time updates. This 20 GB download of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will simply disappear. Because the games are already stored on the servers, you can try a new game in seconds instead of waiting a couple of hours to download them.

And while it could be NARAKA: BLADEPOINT playing from a smartphone on the subway, a Chromebook in the library, a browser on your desktop, or an app installed on your TV in the living room, you'll continue to play a full PC version video, so you can connect with your friends from online PC games as usual.

To get all the news and updates in the game library, be sure to sign up weekly Thursday GFN or visit it Facebook or Twitter.

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