The PC port Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection looks like a dog

The pc port ninja gaiden: master collection looks like a dog

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection collects two of the best piracy games ever made, in addition to Ninja Gaiden 3, and will be released tomorrow on Steam. The pleasure of the fans at the announcement of the port was soon followed by the disappointment that the versions of the first two games brought were the versions of Sigma: later versions that few feel improved with Ninja Gaiden Black or 2. But it gets worse …

In the pre-release period, the game's Steam page has been updated and there are some amazing scenes. Do you want to change the resolution? Of course, let's go to the options menu and … wait, what?

"To set the resolution, open Game Properties from your Steam library. If you enter" 720p "," 1080p "or" 4k "in the text field of & # 39;" LAUNCH OPTIONS ", you can set the resolution to the corresponding value. By setting the game to a low resolution, you can reduce the processing load."

Ninja gaiden sigma 2

(Image credit: Team Ninja)

Yes, this is a $ 50 PC port. Some may even make you nostalgic: there was a time when most of the big-name PC ports of Japanese developers appeared in such states. As we all know, however, a real ninja would compile the core and then the game.

It's not just the resolution: the game launches in window mode and should be switched to full screen using the standard icon in the upper right window. Producer Fumihiko Yasuda recently discussed some of the game's settings with PCG, but somehow failed to mention these aspects.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. Team Ninja's other flagship series, Nioh, has recently found its way to PC: and the port has done a great injustice. At the very least, the developer has fixed some of the most important issues, but it’s still not where it should be: the 30 FPS cut scenes don’t belong in a new 2021 PC version of our lord. We'll have to wait and see if Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection gets similar attention after release.

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