The PowerSlave remaster will then be displayed

The powerslave remaster will then be displayed [/ embed]

Nightdive, the studio of remasters and reissues of classic games like System Shock 2, Blood, Shadow Man, SiN and Doom64, announced last year that it was working on an improved edition of the 1996 PowerSlave first-person shooter alongside Throwback Entertainment. There is now a trailer showing its features and its new name: PowerSlave was released as Exhumed in Europe, hence this version is called PowerSlave Exhumed.

PowerSlave was released on PlayStation and Sega Saturn, as well as PC, with some significant differences in level design between them, and the remaster will combine the two console versions "to bring out the best of both worlds." It will feature widescreen support, SMAA anti-aliasing, anisotropic texture filtering and smooth object interpolation for high-refresh rate monitors, as well as support for modern games.

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