The Quake remaster recovers a cut section of E2M6

The quake remaster recovers a cut section of e2m6

When Quake was developed, the developer identifiers set a self-imposed limit of 1.4 MB for each .bsp file, meaning no map could exceed the size of a file. single floppy disk. To obtain E2M6, the Dismal Oubliette, up to this size, its designer, John Romero, had to remove an area that was originally its entrance (although later shared it online).

As an earthquake expert stellar waters noticed, the newly released Quake remaster restores this lost entry to its proper place. Now, when you get to the Dismal Oubliette, you’re at the bottom of a wet, winding cave and you have to walk uphill, past the infernal knights and other Quake classics, to get to what was once the beginning of the level.

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