The Red Dead Online summer update will add home burglaries and other "illegal activities"

The red dead online summer update will add home burglaries and other "illegal activities"

The early summer update previously announced for Red Dead Online is supposed to rejuvenate the independent multiplayer with a lot of new features, but Rockstar Games still keeps it inaccurate.

Thanks for the latest news Newswire update, at least we know that some of the "illegal activities" tested above include burglary of camps and cottages in Free Roam. Then again cryptic, apart from the thefts, you should expect "more avenues of personal enrichment." At the very least, the thefts seem to be available at no extra cost, as the post tells you "they have no upfront fees."

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The summer update is likely to be Rockstar's response to the general state of Red Dead Online, which is pretty … dead. In fact, they were so dead that players began to protest the general lack of activities in disguise clowns last year. But apart from sporadic updates like the new solo missions in February, the role of naturalist as well new races, has not changed much in the grand scheme of things.

Thefts are a side effect of Red Dead Redemption 2, so the summer update could be an attempt at similar missions. That, from the one-player game available to online gamers, to enjoying with friends, you know, what you ideally want from a multiplayer based on Red Dead 2.

Fans are already waiting for the banks to end up being available to steal, but aside from some strangers like this, it’s a much-anticipated activity. Hopefully, Rockstar will stop playing coi soon and announce an actual release date and more details. After all, it's the season of this kind of thing.

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