The remake of the Fortress 2 team now has the liquid life of Half Life: Alyx because Demoman needs a good whiskey

The remake of the fortress 2 team now has the liquid life of half life: alyx because demoman needs a good whiskey

As we reported earlier this month, a team of moderators called Amper Software is working on Team Fortress: Source 2: a project that recreates TF2 in Valve's updated Source 2 engine (the same one that powers Dota 2, Half-Life: Alyx , Dota Underlords, and the now defunct artifact).

“Our goal is to redo, improve, iterate and create a new Team Fortress experience on the Source 2 engine using s & box,” he says TF: S2 development block. "This project is a big undertaking. We should consider all TF2 games, try to rebuild each mechanic to feel similar to the base game, but with enough dedication, I think we can do it."

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