The rogue mutant Squishy Arboria will leave early access this August

The rogue mutant squishy arboria will leave early access this august [/ embed]

After just over a year on Steam Early Access, it's a dark rogue fantasy Aboria will be released this August. Announced on this year’s PC Gaming Show, you play as a mutant warrior who is dedicated to the dungeon to learn the mysteries of his tribe, but it’s also a great excuse to beat up some beasts.

The term "dark fantasy" is widely used when describing games, but I think Arboria really encompasses the term. After watching the trailer, the visual style of the game is the first thing that slaps you. There is something very sickening about mutants and creatures, an amalgam of flesh and bones that makes them look super disgusting but different. Procedurally generated dungeons also have this strange neon bloom as if everything had been thrown away with glossy paint. Arboria would be a good nightclub if it weren’t for the terrible abominations that run through its depths.

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