The Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB zippy SSD is on sale for $ 180 today

The samsung 980 pro 1 tb zippy ssd is on sale for $ 180 today

If raw speed is at the top of the list looking for the best gaming SSD, it won’t be much faster than Samsung’s 980 Pro, which has sequential read performance of up to 7,000 MB / s. This is zippy and you can add this kind of speed to your computer in the form of 1 TB per $ 180.02, the selling price of the album on Amazon.

That has dropped nearly $ 50 from its PVP. Street prices are usually a little lower, although it is based on price tracking history CamelCamelCamel (A fantastic resource for research is that an advertised sale is actually a discount), it is only sold for a lower price than the current price again, and that was for a few cents.

The 980 Pro is part of a second wave of SSD models that take advantage of the PCI Express 4.0 bus, which offers twice the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0. While the first wave of SSDs had speeds of about 5,000 MB / s, newer models like the 980 Pro open the floodgates with even faster data transfers.

Strictly for gaming, that doesn’t mean much, even a comparatively “slow” SATA-based SSD with speeds of 500 MB / s is very fast. But with the two modern consoles (Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5) that adopt fast SSDs and Microsoft puts at your disposal DirectStorage API in Windows, developers have the motivation and tools to take advantage of faster drives.

Outside of games, higher transfer rates can help you move through data gobs, such as moving through videos or backing up your drives.

In any case, this is one of the fastest SSDs and is on sale.

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