The scaly boys and furry boys in the latest Total War: Warhammer 2 DLC have been detailed.

The scaly boys and furry boys in the latest total war: warhammer 2 dlc have been detailed. [/ embed]

A month ago the final DLC for Total War was announced: Warhammer 2, and now Creative Assembly has shared a closer look at what will be there, as well as the free DLC that will be given away.

First, the paid DLC Silence and fury strengthens the beast men. They are a faction that needs a rebalancing for a while, and the legendary Mr. Taurox, the Bull Brass, will get several new units for his list: doombull lords, warrior heroes, tuskgor chariots and two monsters absent from the list. army of beast men, the four-armed ghorgó and the jabberslythe. This is Lewis Carroll's nightmare beast from the trailer.

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