The sci-fi version of Spiders about the French Revolution gets its first game revelation

The sci-fi version of spiders about the french revolution gets its first game revelation [/ embed]

Steelrising is an action role-playing game set in the dirty streets of 18th-century Paris in the midst of the French Revolution. Oh, and there are robots. Most of these killer clock robots belong to King Louis XVI himself and are designed to protect the doomed monarchy from revolutionaries. Like Aegis, an android guard belonging to Marie Antoinette, you will have to use your superhuman abilities to fight these forces and presumably the king himself.

It sounds wild and promising. Spiders has a reputation for ambitious role-playing games that are a bit difficult: think Greedfall, The Technomancer, and Mars: War Logs, among others. Steelrising appears to be moving forward in action, with Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau writing that she has "a strong emphasis on hectic combat."

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