The Sim Starmancer space station arrives on August 5

The sim starmancer space station arrives on august 5

At the Future Games Show we saw Starmancer again, the space station simulator published by Chucklefish. You are an AI with control of an entire station and its entire crew, customizing the rooms and making sure there is enough food for all your settlers. Everything is very thick in pixels and everything is put together or put in place in a way that seems really satisfying.

But that doesn't mean it's Stardew Valley in space. Starmancer has a sinister nuance. We encourage you to fill the rooms with "cheerful paintings to remind settlers of your sympathy and sympathy and motivational posters to let them know how much you value their productivity." In addition to spaceports and labs, you can build "mysterious egg incubators." Your station can be invaded by pirates or space zombies. And you have the option to obey your protocols or scoundrels.

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