The Sims 4 are all the brothers on the property with the latest game package

The sims 4 are all the brothers on the property with the latest game package

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EA has unveiled the latest game pack from The Sims 4, revealing more details of the recent roadmap provided over the next three months of the game.

The Dream Home Decorator package offers a new career in interior design, which takes care of solving the disasters of decoration and giving a little paint to the spaces. Customers will give you their favorite furniture and styles, while telling you what they are not so interested in.

In addition to the standard performance gauge seen in racing, interior designers will also have a reputation gauge to deal with. Things like staying within budget and listening to the wishes and needs of customers will increase your position, while blowing up all your beautiful simoleons and taking a blatant bath at work. "Every interaction affects your reputation" game package revelation block reads. "If you want to move to bigger gigs, that matters."

The sims 4 dream home decorator

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As always, there will be new construction / buying items and simulator creation. Judging by the trailer, it looks like the construction / purchase will have a modern wooden feel. Everything looks pretty versatile, which is always an advantage, and I’m sure it will mark well with the mid-century vibes of Tiny Living Stuff furniture.

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