The Skyrim mod allows you to respect your fallen friends and enemies

The skyrim mod allows you to respect your fallen friends and enemies

The corpses in Skyrim can be an awkward thing. They stay for one while, and some of them do not disappear at all. Sure, you can do the old trick of traveling fast and waiting, but it’s not very polite. Of all the death rituals of all cultures, "waiting for the body to disappear from the state of the world" is not one of the most involved. What is the reason someone has created one Pay your respects by Skyrim, to let you bury yourself and say goodbye to the fallen.

By burying your friend or murder victim, you can create a grave for them, showing their name, date of burial, and an engraving. "You can choose to have a default engraving, but you can also write your own," says the description of the modification. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks of those tombstones that joke, "I told you I was sick."

However, a word of caution: burying a NPC with the mod completely deactivates them, so if you plan to resurrect them or if they are not supposed to be deactivated, you may run into some problems. Maybe zombies. I wait for the zombies.

We have a round of some of the best Skyrim modifications available, long, for a game that came out ten years ago and is still being actively modified today. It includes a few more NPC companions that you can stay with and, if you wish, bury them with respect if they die.

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