The source code for the famous arcade bastard Defender has been posted on Github

The source code for the famous arcade bastard defender has been posted on github

Defender is an arcade classic and one of the most successful titles in what is now known as the golden age of arcades. Released in 1980, it was the first video game co-designed by Eugene Jarvis and was part of a team of four coders who developed it for the pinball company Williams (after the success of Space Invaders, wanted to enter the arcade market).

You could say that Defender was created by pinball designers, mainly because it was very fast and very difficult. Jarvis is a genius designer, but he was also used to designing products where a high level of player skill and a desire for mastery were taken for granted. Their games never lost that quality, though they softened over time: Robotron 2084 was still incredibly difficult, while NARC and Smash TV soiled your lives as if it were nobody’s business.

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