The source code for the global network is being auctioned off as NFT

The source code for the global network is being auctioned off as nft

If the NFT fashion is over, think again. The creator of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners Lee, is auctioning off the source code of his original invention as a non-consumable witness, yes, the code that acts as the basis for the modern network as we know it, is now NFT.

NFTs are a way to secure the unique ownership of a digital article, which seems like a useful tool for artists and the like in an era of digital content theft, but is also based on the underlying blockchain technology that feeds cryptocurrencies , which means most are an environmental nightmare. . There have also been many cases of NFT installations for stolen art, which for the first time defeat the purpose of the witness.

Interestingly, then, Sir Tim Berners Lee is auctioning off a collection of four items under an NFT: the 1990-91 source code, an animated visualization of the code, a Lee letter about the code, and a "digital poster" of the code that created, the BBC reports.

Sir. Tim berners-lee attends campus italy italia 2019 as keynote speaker on july 25, 2019 in milan, italy.

Sir Tim Berners Lee in 2019. (Image credit: Getty Images, Rosdiana Ciaravolo)

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