The spectator-controlled IRL Sims stream works as well as expected

The spectator-controlled irl sims stream works as well as expected

This viewer-controlled stream of IRL Sims on Twitch is an absolute roller coaster ride and I can’t help but look at it. Streamer Jerma985 has had the flow in the pipe for a while, calling it his "bigger project"Earlier this month. It's easy to see why, because it's all a fantastic but fantastic experience that managed to make me forget I was watching this on Twitch, completely free of charge. Journo Nathan Grayson alerted people about the flow on Twitter, and I am grateful.

It all takes place on a set that makes you feel like an old sitcom or an MTV social experiment since the early 2000s. Absolutely everything Jerma does is controlled by viewers thanks to an extension called Dollhouse, which the streamer had tailor-made for this. They start by choosing their dress, a nice combination of a duck print shirt and shorts, cheeky sunglasses and a beer hat in the true ridiculous fashion of the Sims.

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