The Steam Summer Sale has begun

The steam summer sale has begun

The annual event we know and love as Steam Summer Sale it is now underway. As always, there are discounts on thousands of games while the Dot shop Inventory has been updated with new animated background profile packages, mini-profiles, avatars, and color schemes.

This year there are also news: the opportunity to "Forge your destiny"through a series of 14 themed micro-adventures spread throughout the sale, a kind of" Choose your own adventure "embedded within a Steam sale. Each one you complete will get an animated sticker and, if the collections, all I will also get a new badge that will allow you to expand your user profile, get Steam XP and maybe, if you do really meet it: set a challenge for the “most expensive Steam profile in the world”. (But probably not).

It’s a tradition that Steam sales, especially big ones, like the spectacular summer, start successfully as masses of people break down doors to see deals. But now that the tumult has passed and we've had a chance to look for deals, we have a list of some of the The best Summer Sale deals, including new games and, for serious business hunters, some games under $ 5. (Personal recommendation: The Final Station it comes down to just $ 4 and, if you like very weird retro side scrolls, they are top notch.)

The Steam summer sale for 2021 is now available and will run until July 8.

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