The Steam VR update allows you to control your field of view

The steam vr update allows you to control your field of view

Those lovely people at Valve have updated SteamVR with some quality of life improvements that make exploring virtual worlds a little easier. SteamVR 1.17 it includes enough bug fixes and tweaks to make it worth tracking only on this front end, but it does include the addition of three new features: the ability to dock windows to drivers, as well as options for dragging and dropping. 39; World Field and Viewride scale.

The most obvious use of the Windows docking feature is to connect the Steam chat to one of your drivers, which means you can communicate with your colleagues without having to log out. all of the game you play.

It’s not necessarily an essential update, but we can see that it’s useful if you like it No Man & # 39; s Sky for long periods. You can also connect other windows, though you'll have to try to find the one that works best for you.

The other two options affect the way the world is perceived and quite specific uses are made. The Field of View slider won’t allow you to suddenly see more of the world than the developers intended, but it will allow you to reduce the FoV if you want to focus a little more on what’s in front of you.

The Override World Scale slider has a couple of potential uses, with the possibility of shorter players reaching higher objects. Alternatively, higher-end VR gamers may want to shrink a bit effectively to get an experience more in line with what the developers intended. This can also be used to get the ladder of an aircraft cabin suitable for you.

It’s good to see that Valve is still thinking outside the virtual reality box and it will be interesting to see what’s more on the table in future patches.

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