The studios behind Metro Exodus are hiring a new IP

The studios behind metro exodus are hiring a new ip

4A Games, the studio behind Metro Exodus, has explicitly announced a series of job listings for a "new IP". While 4A seems to hire a large number of staff in general, there are six functions that are labeled as for a new IP: three design functions and three artist functions.

There’s not much that can be guessed about any future game from job descriptions, though the list of a senior technical artist goes to some interesting places, tonally: "Never use the word 'impossible'." "Doing R&D means digging your own way ignoring doubts." Many of the other tabs on the 4A site seem to avoid the "wizard / ninja / jedi" trends that appear in passion-based industries, emphasizing the importance of taking critical feedback and being receptive. to other people's ideas, which makes this feature stand out.

Metro Exodus, which was released in 2019 and saw an improved version in May, is a visually incredibly impressive game:if it is demanding on your PC. It is logical that they planned to continue in kind for future projects. The details of other listings call for applicants to have experience "with first-person or third-person action titles" and have a "passion for FPS games," so they don't seem to have planned. moving too far away from the mechanics that are familiar to them. with.

In his review of Metro Exodus, Andy Kelly found the expansive game to be "full of surprises and stunning scenery," even though he was disappointed that his main commitment to the world was to shoot it.

A series of job listings isn't an announcement, though: we'll probably have to wait a while for 4A to have anything official to say.

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