The trailer for The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf puts Vesemir in the bathtub

The trailer for the witcher: nightmare of the wolf puts vesemir in the bathtub

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Following its unexpectedly successful success with The Witcher, Netflix announced in January 2020 that it was getting even deeper into the property with an anime film called Nightmare of the Wolf. Instead of following Geralt's adventures, however, Nightmare of the Wolf will focus on his mentor and fellow Wolf School fan Vesemir.

Netflix released a teaser during WitcherCon that I didn’t find particularly notable, but now we have a full trailer to watch and I have to admit that my interest in the show is much greater than it was. Obviously, this is just a fine part of it all, but it presents itself as a more cheerful view of the world of The Witcher than we’ve seen before: tragic tales have come out, spoken quickly, and there are word tricks. the White Wolf is a silvery fox, Vesemir young and scarred is just sexy from five alarms from top to bottom. (I find it a strange resemblance to Adam Jensen a little distracted.)

Speaking of the starless race, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the showrunner for The Witcher, told the cast of the trailer that she is excited to see what the Witchers world was like before its decline, which is what we see in the games and Netflix series starring Henry Cavill.

"In the world of live action, when we get to the second season, Kaer Morhen is almost a shell of his old self. There are so few wizards that wizards are becoming extinct. It's a big point for to us in the second season. And in fact, I'm excited to see what the Witchers were like and what a bigger brotherhood would be like. I'm really excited to see all these characters in this place at the same time. "

He also noted the very different approach of the main characters: “In our show, Geralt is incredibly serious about his job, about his purpose, about working to protect Ciri,” he continued. "And yet we see the figure of his father, who was young," I will say a rapscallion, though it makes me sound very old, "and it makes me very excited to understand where Vesemir came from. and who he was before he started losing everything that was important to him. "

Yes, I could actually see that. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf will premiere on Netflix on August 23.

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