The University of Iceland starts a course on EVE as a "friendship machine"

The university of iceland starts a course on eve as a "friendship machine"

The developer of EVE Online CCP Games has announced a new online course, created alongside the University of Iceland, which is based on the long-running MMOG space and the relationships that people form. through him. The PCC has been hitting this particular drum for a long time, but the pandemic he saw how the company leaned even more on this concept and talk about the game as a "friendship machine." Indeed, the course is called Friendship Machine: Forming a New Type of Human Connection.

The course aims to examine the science behind how people establish meaningful relationships and apply it to the new type of connection that video games make possible. The first three weeks are free, while those who want to do all-in can sign up for the full course for $ 50 / € 40.91 / £ 35.19. Great, if you do this, you'll get a "share certificate." I will definitely put it on the wall of my office.

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