The Unreal Engine 5 demo is 100 GB

The unreal engine 5 demo is 100 gb

It’s no secret that game installation sizes have been steadily growing over the years, but for the next generation of games, we may need a lot more storage space if we want to keep up to date. .

The welcome video for Unreal Engine 5 gave us a demonstration of a lot of interesting features that will be introduced in early 2022. But the development tools and stunning views like the ones shown come at a high cost, and the storage is one of those areas that will be harder.

Game installation sizes already have the mickey, with some authentic powerful storage pigs and only the demonstration sample project for UE5, Valley of the Ancient, is 100 GB. This does not include the 10 GB of the engine itself.

With the ability to directly import assets "consisting of millions of polygons, from ZBrush sculptures to photogrammetry scans," and a host of other super-intensive features, it's fair to say that the next wave of games will deeply eat up this beautiful SSD Storage Space.

When Unreal Engine 5 was first announced, we talked to some developers about their thoughts on the engine, and one of the predominant issues that arose was, you guessed it, the installation sizes.

"The only downside I see is exponentially increasing the game's installation size," says Stephen Kick of Nightdive Studios, "which is still approaching 100GB or more for some titles ".

Be prepared: either we will need racks on SSD racks or the storage solutions will need to be recovered quickly.

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