The upcoming Knockout City season promises a new kind of ball, a map and more events

The upcoming knockout city season promises a new kind of ball, a map and more events

Knockout City, one of the surprise hits of 2021 that I can’t afford, gets a bundle of new stuff when the second season starts in July. Announced today at blog post from developer Velan Studios, season 2 of Knockout City will begin on July 27 with a new special ball type, a new map, special events (such as the Heatwave event taking place right now), contracts, and cosmetics.

If you’ve been dodging as much as I have, a new ball and a special map will sound pretty good right now. Counting the Jukebox Junction map added in the first few weeks of the game, there are only six locations in total. Each map has its own trick that can significantly affect the way a game is played (I can think of the garbage from the Galaxy Burger and the traffic from Knockout Roundabout), so I look forward to seeing what else Velan has to offer. the sleeve. Maybe it’s time to fight on the sandy beach that affects the jump?

All of this is described in the updated official roadmap that summarizes approximately the next six months of KO City:

Eliminatory city

(Image credit: Velan Studios)

The new type of special ball is even more intriguing. There’s a pretty good variety with the current group of five (Moon Ball, Sniper Ball, Cage Ball, Multi Ball and Bomb Ball), but the community has definitely found their favorites (and the least favorites) since the launch. I share some of the complaints I read about Sniper Ball slowing down the action too much or Multi Ball is too easy to send spam. It’s unclear if Velan plans to balance the existing balls, so I’d love to have more types of balls in the mix as soon as possible to increase the chances of playing with one I really like.

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