The upgrade of AMD's Zen 3 CPU is about expanded manufacturing, not performance

The upgrade of amd's zen 3 cpu is about expanded manufacturing, not performance

AMD has officially confirmed that the newly discovered B2 step of its popular Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 CPU does not "provide functionality or performance improvements." So it pays to hope that these B2 chips can be the upgraded versions of & # 39; XT & # 39 ;.

It was only yesterday that it looked so promising, as if Step B2 could herald faster rise clocks in a potential Ryzen 9 5950XT. But the official hunts of the AMD party have released a full statement today through

"As part of our continued effort to expand our manufacturing and logistics capabilities," AMD said, "AMD will be gradually switching AMD Ryzen 5000 Series desktop processors to the B2 revision over the next six months. provides functionality and performance improvements, and no BIOS updates are required ".

Well, according to Google Translate, that is.

While this means we won’t get any faster Ryzen 5000 CPUs in the next six months, in the form of XT upgrades, it may hint that this updated manufacturing step will alleviate some of the difficulties AMD has had in getting it. . CPU to the public.

Less popular chips, such as the The Ryzen 7 5800X hasn’t really been a problem to get, but the exceptional Ryzen 9 5900X and Ryzen 5 5600X have been much harder to locate. If these new B2 steps really expand AMD’s manufacturing capabilities, then fingers crossed means we’ll see a lot more Zen 3 chips in detail.

However, it does not rule out the possibility that there will be XT versions of Ryzen 5000 CPUs in the future. But with the potential 6 nm Warhol series reportedly, it wouldn't be ruled out to wait for some slight revisions later. Although we may be looking towards the end of the year if they will leave TSMC's production facilities.

Whatever the truth of the potential XT CPU series you end up being, anything that helps increase the number of AMD Zen 3 chips in nature is fine for us.

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