The Valheim mod allows you to hit wolves with your own hands in virtual reality

The valheim mod allows you to hit wolves with your own hands in virtual reality

Valheim came out in Early Access in February and already has modifications on a terrifying scale. One of these changes is VHVR in Nexus Mods. The unofficial VR modification was recently updated to allow you to play the survival game with motion controls, so now Valheim players can hit a wolf with their real body, if that’s what they want their color.

For players less interested in punching, the updated control set also includes precision archery and, as an quote, "Fishing :)" With multiplayer support, I quite like the idea of ​​backtracking and catching. some fish with some friends, honestly. "Motion tracking translates through multiplayer, so you can greet your friends (or any other obscene hand gesture you prefer)." I imagine gestures like "come here, so I can give you a fish and challenge you to a chess duel." Everything looks good to me.

Currently, there are still limitations to its multiplayer implementation. For players who do not have the virtual reality modification on a multiplayer server, players using the modification will visibly have out-of-sync animations, such as having no animation in the upper body. To avoid visual oddities, it is recommended that virtual reality players only play with other virtual reality players, which will not see these effects.

Like many survival games, Valheim has a very enthusiastic modding scene. Christopher did a preliminary wheel some of his favorite Valheim modifications, from utilitarian things like expanded inventory to the magic bong that increases endurance. Maybe this one will make a future list.

The next major update planned for the official Valheim is the Hearth and Home update, which has recently been delayed in order to make the game as stable as possible. The update is expected to take some time during the third quarter of 2021, but until then there will always be changes.

You can download the file VHVR mod in Nexus Mods, if you have a SteamVR compatible headset.

Thanks, RoadToVR.

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