The Valheim update will allow you to download all the new foods you cook

The valheim update will allow you to download all the new foods you cook

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Valheim & # 39; s Hearth and Home update is about to arrive on September 16th. A video from the Iron Gate studios explains some of the new ingredients you can hunt and grow, and the new cooking stations you will use to make your new meals.

Plus, you’ll be able to download all that fresh, fresh food you’ve cooked and eaten. This is an extremely dirty and very useful new feature coming to Hearth and Home.

I’m really starting to wait for more inventory to be added to Valheim, because when Hearth and Home arrive there’s a lot of new stuff to transport. In the update, deer, wolves and wild boars will drop their own types of meat and onions will also be a new crop. Surely it looks like hunting and gathering will require a lot of extra pockets.

Your cauldron, like other workstations, can be upgraded with extensions such as a butcher’s table, a spice rack, and a casserole station, so if you haven’t left more space in the kitchen yet, it’s best that you start working before the update arrives. Baking items, such as bread and cakes, must be made in the new stone oven that is added to the upgrade.

And as we said in our review completely soon Valheim Food Guide, the stomach acts as an inventory, allowing you to place three different foods at once. Instead of waiting for food to be digested slowly before eating again, at Hearth and Home you can poison yourself and vomit everything you have in your stomach.

Eating "bukeperries", as they say in the video, will allow you to quickly and cluttered space in your Viking belly for another meal. It's actually very useful: if you put a couple of berries and a mushroom in your stomach (staples that don't give you too much health or endurance) and you're suddenly in front of a Fuling Berserker, you probably won't want to wait to digest minor meals before reducing some meals that will drastically increase your maximum health and endurance. Strategic vomiting: It could save your life.

And for sure it will also be a popular pastime, especially in cooperatives where you can barbarize all your friends.

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