The violent puzzle shredder and cartoonist Grindstone will be out next week

The violent puzzle shredder and cartoonist grindstone will be out next week

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Nintendo Switch and mobile gamers have been enjoying Grindstone’s charming and brutal puzzle game since 2019 and 2020. Now, like almost every game, it hits PC. Capybara Games has announced this Mola will be released exclusively at Epic Games Store on May 20, this Thursday.

The PC launch will include all previous updates, including the daily grind mode, as well as the new mode called Fortune Grind, which adds roulette to your daily rolls, which can lead to more loot or dangers and enemies. The Fortune Grind update also adds 10 new levels to the Grindstone Mountain campaign, a new health potion item and new recipe book entries, and is now available for all platforms.

Grinding wheel game

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On the surface, Grindstone is a family-friendly Match-3 puzzle game with an exaggerated artistic style that seems to have appeared on Cartoon Network. Successfully borrows action role-playing games with objects, skills, enemy variety and roguelike progression. Crazy Jorj with a mustache, who is armed with a knitted cap and an ass sword (and luckily a pair of pants), can initially only cut adjacent enemies of the same color in each level. Kill enough enemies and you can chain larger attack combos, set traps and defeat bosses.

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