The Wayward Realms, the role-playing game of former Elder Scrolls developers, is "several more years away"

The wayward realms, the role-playing game of former elder scrolls developers, is "several more years away"

OnceLost Games, the studio formed by former major developers of the original Elder Scrolls games, has done so announced his new RPG: The Wayward Realms. The role-playing game for individual players is set in an open world of more than 100 islands called The Archipelago "where dozens of factions compete for influence and power." Players will not be tied to specific character classes, but they can make their own with “personalized skills and abilities” and the world will react differently to “a socializing aristocrat, a thief rooted in inferior conspiracies, a scholar who collects teach antique artifacts or any other paper you create for yourself ".

All of this sounds great to us. Unfortunately, for those who want to get the open world role-playing game, The Wayward Realms is likely to be a few years away.

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