There is a sickle that cuts through the reality of Amid Evil's expansion

There is a sickle that cuts through the reality of amid evil's expansion [/ embed]

It’s been a good couple of days for fans of retro shooters, such as with PowerSlave Exhumed, Cultic, Core Decay and Sigil 2 by John Romero. Let's add one more to the stack. The Black Labyrinth, an expansion of the game from which the website is redirected, has a game trailer.

The Black Maze will serve as a prequel to Amid Evil, which contains new levels, new enemies, and new weapons, as well as "new Andrew Hulshult marker music." [Note: Dave Oshry contacted us to clarify that of course this is just a joke, saying, "Music is definitely not a placeholder today, heh."] The trailer shows data that can fire a row of purple energy blasts or simply cut open reality and jam enemies into the void. I guess if your base game comes with a template that shoots planets, you’ll have to be big for DLC. There are also a pair of pointed gloves. I guess they'll probably give you enemy blows over time for a dinosaur to eat or something.

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