There is already a FOV solution for Mass Effect Legendary Edition

There is already a fov solution for mass effect legendary edition

While it is now up to a Very Positive rating, Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released to mixed user reviews on Steam. Among the complaints was the absence of a field of view slider, which left him with a tight FOV of 70. However, modders have already come to the rescue with the JadeBarker payload. Best Camera (Top FOV) at NexusMods the day the Mass Effect Legendary Edition section opened.

Anyone who has modified the original games will know Coalesced.bin, the file in the BioGame CookedPCConsole directory that you will need to replace to make most modifications work. Be sure to back it up first. Once changed to the mod version, you can press F10 in the game to push your FOV to where you find it most comfortable. Note that one problem with altering the FOV is that the second zoom level of the Mako Cannon (accessed by pressing Ctrl) will not work. I guess you can’t have it all.

BioWare is familiar with the Mass Effect mod scene, as they used mods like reference for Legendary Edition enhancements.

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