"There's a lot of room for optimization" for Intel Alder Lake CPU games

"there's a lot of room for optimization" for intel alder lake cpu games

Not surprisingly, Intel Alder Lake is very different from what it was before. Especially when it comes to desktop CPUs for gaming computers. There's nothing like its combination of performance and efficient cores, and maybe that's why Intel expects "plenty of room for optimization" for games with its next-generation CPUs.

It will already be very beneficial for the game to run physics in one specific core and run audio ads in the other core.

Ran Berenson, GM of Core

During the 2021 Company Architecture Day, I asked Core and Client Development Group CEO Ran Berenson and Adi Yoaz, director of Core CPU Architecture, if they thought there was much to gain from in-game optimization. for Lake Alder.

"If the game is optimized to use a lot of threads and not the old games of today, yes, it will be very beneficial for the game, you know, run the physics in a specific core and run audio ads on the & # 39; other cores, ”says Berenson. "So yes, there is a lot of room for game optimization that really knows how to use all the threads."

All of this becomes Alder Lake's unique configuration of eight performance cores and eight efficient cores. The first provides something similar to what we expect now from best gaming CPUs, and the latter something quite different.

If developers can unlock both collections of kernels, they’ll really be into something. Still, it’s much easier said than done. On the one hand, games are not multi-threaded applications as they are, although they slowly go further.

The other thing is that until hybrid chips like Intel Alder Lake really take off, there won’t be a lot of reason for developers to take the time to optimize them. Maybe this is where Intel can step in and make things a little easier, and not just in terms of selling as many Alder Lake chips as it can.

It is very possible, if not likely, that hybrid architectures like Alder Lake will become increasingly prevalent as time goes on. In this case, maybe five / ten years later, these little cores are actually used in a video game. For now, though, it seems better to stream them, record, and run all of our very important background apps when it comes to augmenting PC games.

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