There’s a new shorter game with a worse graphics package on, and that’s exactly what it says it is

There’s a new shorter game with a worse graphics package on itch. Io, and that’s exactly what it says it is

In 2020, Fanbyte podcast producer Jordan Mallory posted a tweet that not only went viral, but also crystallized the feeling of dissatisfaction that many have about the state of the gaming industry.

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As with any good tweet, Mallory elaborated nothing, but anyone familiar with the development of the triple A knew what he meant. Mallory posted the tweet about the release of the acclaimed and arguably stunning The Last of Us 2, which reportedly demanded developers crunch loudly. Similarly, problems were reported for Red Dead Redemption 2, a game so beautiful and so realistic that even though you can watch it get the balls out of your horse when it’s cold.

It captured a feeling that was the air: there are many cases where you can’t help but think that less would have been more, specifically, more sleep for developers.

The package of shorter games with worse graphics is intended to be the opposite of these games. There are many standalone games made by solo developers or small teams with no publishers and no funding, and in general, is the place to find them. Itch has also become a great platform for people who want to contribute to a cause and get some sweet games on offer, as seen with the Black Lives Matters Package and the package for Palestine.

Developer Damien on Twitter came the idea of ​​the shortest game package with the worst graphics in late 2020 and has now created a second package with 28 games from 25 different developers.

There is one Twitter thread presenting each of the games: I am particularly fascinated by role-playing games based on 16-bit turns Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy, because it actually looks pretty nice (both for worse graphics!) and a top-down shooter Gunbo.

"Seeing all the feelings against the triple A and how it is now is a good time to support studies that refuse to be part of this culture, I think it's a good time to see how people put their money where it’s his mouth, ”the description says. The money raised will be evenly distributed among all participating developers. DeveloperDamien also suggests that you check out the games from first package, although it is no longer available, as well as "all other things that ( are full".

The goal of the Shorter games with a worse graphics package it’s back to $ 6,969.69, an interesting figure for interesting people. The package runs until August 16.

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