There's officially too much going on in Ark: Genesis – Part 2: Launch Trailer

There's officially too much going on in ark: genesis - part 2: launch trailer

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The Ark: Survival Evolved dinosaur survival game has been on a long and bumpy six-year journey, moving from an early access game to roughly one of the most successful survival games in history.

And judging by the launch trailer for Ark: Genesis – Part 2, which came out today and marks the last installment before Ark 2 is released sometime next year, this journey comes to an end extremely busy and dramatic.

There are so many things piled up in the launch trailer that I’m not quite sure where to start, but it includes:

  • Interstellar space travel
  • RTS game (!)
  • A survivor doing a throw on a flying windsurf board
  • A giant platypus gliding
  • Plants that swallow you whole
  • A beast that can be fixed on the head and control the mind
  • The voice talent of Dr. Who is David Tennant
  • A giant stomach to explore
  • Vin Diesel dressed only in shorts that came out of a pod
  • Canoes

I guess I lost a bit of the thread of Ark’s story: when I played it, Ark was about riding giant frogs, building strong ugly ones, pooping and brutally biting unconscious dinosaurs, and then filling them with food until they would love you. But of course there are many more things these days.

Genesis: The second part includes the larger map of Ark, introduces new missions and creatures, leads to the conclusion of the puzzling science fiction story, and leads to the beginning of Ark 2, which includes Vin Diesel, not just as an actor. but as an actor. member of the Studio Wildcard development team. (His title, wonderfully, is President of Creative Convergence.)

"As long as you can face the many dangers of this new world, you'll gain access to powerful new tools that will help you," says Studio Wildcard on Genesis – Part 2. "You'll learn how to place remote cameras and pull tricks with a floating Hoversail , similar to a skateboard, take care of your eggs with the high-tech incubator, make pure energy arrows with the Tek Bow and even participate in a real-time Strategy command mode within the new Exo -Mek, and far, far away! "

With all that going on in Genesis, part two, I’m starting to wonder what’s left for Ark 2.

Genesis: The second part is now available Steam and the Epic games store as part of the $ 30 Genesis Season Pass. Also included in Ark & # 39; s Ultimate Survivor Edition, which includes the base game and all the latest DLC snippets, for $ 60.

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