This 3dfx trick is so cruel because I just want your new GPUs to be true

This 3dfx trick is so cruel because i just want your new gpus to be true

The cruellest thing about the whole 3dfx return trap is that we are all desperate for it to be true. At a time when it is certainly as difficult as it has always been to buy a new graphics card, the idea of ​​having another option is tempting. That’s why we all want to see what Intel Xe DG2 discrete cards can really offer, and why the former CPU maker should be able to move forward and hit the market.

So when @ 3dfxofficial appeared on Twitter last week promising that "3dfx Interactive will be back, 20 years later," there was a mixture of disbelief and protected emotion. It triggered an announcement for August 5, but with nothing more than one Twitter slideshow which reads like a misinterpretation of the Shark Tank (or Dragon's Den, for my UK droogs), I think we can now be pretty sure we won't get a new range of Voodoo graphics accelerators.

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