This $ 84 AMD Ryzen motherboard is a good start for a compact gaming PC

This $ 84 amd ryzen motherboard is a good start for a compact gaming pc

If you want to build a PC around AMD's Ryzen processors – and there have been a lot of people, based on sales trends from several popular retailers – MSI B550M's WiFi Pro-VDH is worth a look. It's a micro-ATX motherboard, so you can put together a small space-factor PC that doesn't take up much space and is on sale on Amazon for just $ 83.99 right now.

This is $ 56 below its list price and has a solid value for what it brings to the table (specs for specs, hangs with some of the best motherboards for games). The timing is also great, as AMD’s state-of-the-art Ryzen 5000G APUs land on retail shelves. These chips combine Zen 3 CPU cores with integrated Radeon graphics, the latter can mark you up until discrete graphics cards are more readily available at reasonable prices (read: anywhere near MSRP).

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Micro ATX motherboard offer

Large WiFi board MSI B550M Pro-VDH | $ 139.99 $ 83.99 on Amazon (save $ 56)
This micro-ATX motherboard would be a great base for a small format gaming computer and you could pair it with a Ryzen 5600G or 5700G APU to keep you going until you can get a discreet GPU.See offer

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