This brick texture was used to build hundreds of sets

This brick texture was used to build hundreds of sets

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One of my slightly later obsessions with video games is wall textures: the art superimposed on 3D models that makes them look like a particular type of surface. This variety of textures is, of course, literally background. If you don't pay much attention to them, then they're doing their job: what kind of weirdo is looking at the bricks anyway?

Well, the answer to that (apart from me) is like people Fanamel and his compadres on the Render96 wiki, a resource focused primarily on tracking the textures and sounds libraries used by Nintendo. These “libraries” are essentially collections of real-world photographs that are then used by game artists as visual references and often as a template for game resources. For example:

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But we are here to talk about brick textures: sexy and attractive brick textures. The video at the top of this article by Kid Leaves Stoop is an orderly summary of the story behind a particular texture: the label "cobblestone& # 39 ;, this image seems to be a source for dozens of video games produced in the late 90's / early 00's. If you were playing at the time, you've almost definitely seen these bricks: here you will find them in Final Fantasy VII.

The good bricks of final fantasy vii.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

You can see a list with examples of the various games in which cobble_stone has appeared here, with Nintendo Rare of the 64th era that he seems to really like. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the idea of ​​people like Fanamel, with some of their findings simply astonishing. Who notices things like this?

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