This company puts video ads in games and EA has already signed up

This company puts video ads in games and ea has already signed up

A new advertising platform will allow companies to include video ads in PC and console games, similar to those seen in mobile games or free TVs. Dubbed PlayerWON and owned by Simulmedia, the technology is based on rewarding game items and coins for players who watch ads and target free games, according to a Axios Report.

And it will probably become fashionable: Simulmedia has already reached agreements with EA and Hi-Rez, and a pilot has already worked on Smite. According to the report, players in this pilot were "much more likely" to play a game and spend money on it if they could take advantage by watching ads. It is feasible, although not explained in the report, that players can purchase game currency by surrendering to ads for 15 or 30 seconds, instead of using real money, thus turning a free game into marketing. viable video platform.

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