This Dell FreeSync Premium 14-inch 32-inch gaming monitor is on sale for $ 380

This dell freesync premium 14-inch 32-inch gaming monitor is on sale for $ 380

One of Dell’s latest gaming monitors is the S3222DGM, a 31.5-inch display with a curved screen and desirable specifications for gaming. While it’s a relatively recent addition to Dell’s range of monitors, it’s already marked a bit; you can get it from Dell $ 379.99.

This saves $ 170 below the "estimated value" of the product page. The only other place I've seen on the list so far is at Best Buy, which costs $ 409.99, so the actual discount isn't that high. Still, the selling price represents good overall value for the features.

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Offer FreeSync Premium Monitor

Dell 32 Inch Curved Game Monitor | 1440p | 165Hz | FreeSync Premium | $ 549.99 $ 379.99 at Dell (save $ 170)
This is one of Dell’s latest additions to its range of game monitors, and includes some nice specs such as a 2560×1440 resolution, a 165Hz refresh rate, an 1 ms MPRT response time, and support FreeSync.See offer

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