This Fortnite Skin is the Most Disliked 2021

This fortnite skin is the most disliked 2021

This Fortnite Skin is the Most Disliked – Who doesn’t know Fortnite? This 2017 Epic Games battle royale-based game continues to attract players as one of the best online video games in the world. Just imagine, as of May 2020, the Statista site recorded 350 million active players, from consoles, computers, to cellphones!

To attract even more players, Fortnite introduced skins and a crossover of guest characters from various “worlds”, from Tomb Raider, Marvel, to Street Fighter! So far, there have been nearly 800 skins released on Fortnite.

This Fortnite Skin is the Most Disliked

However, from these skins, there must be something that is not comfortable in the hearts of the players. In fact, just looking at it makes illfeel! Want to know anything? This is a list of 5 Fortnite skins that the players don’t like, even hate.

1. This Fortnite Skin – Dynamo

This fortnite skin is the most disliked 2021

Old Fortnite players will know about this annoying skin. Released in July 2018 for 1,200 VBucks, the Dynamo skin reminds you of the Mexican wrestler, Lucha Libre. However, it is undeniable that currently, Dynamo has become one of the most hated skins in Fortnite. Why?

Just like some of the pro skins on this list, this easy-to-get Dynamo is also used by most players who feel “sweat” and “try hard”. Players with Dynamo skins usually automatically become bullies in Fortnite. Just make sure, your skills are as good as this Dynamo skin.

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2. This Fortnite Skin – Fate

This fortnite skin is the most disliked 2021

Released in June 2018, Fate is one of the legendary skins and the female version of the Omen skin. Sold for 2,000 VBucks, Fate reminds us at a glance of one of the heroines in the DC comics and a member of the Teen Titans, Raven. Then, why did Fate get on this list?

Fate’s design is too flat, so some Fortnite players don’t really like it. The colors were too “subtle” and Fate always seemed to wear a scarf. Therefore, players labeled Fortnite too lazy by releasing Fate.

3. This Fortnite Skin – Luxe

This fortnite skin is the most disliked 2021

As the first female skin in Tier 100, Luxe can be used after paying 950 VBucks for Season 8 Season Pass. Tier 100 should give players a grand feel. However, there is no cool alternative to Luxe.

There are only 4 alternative colors for the Luxe skin: red, white, black, and gold. Therefore, the enthusiasm of the players to purchase the Season 8 Season Pass is very low. Even so, Luxe became the name for the championship at Fortnite, the “Luxe Cup”, at the end of March 2019 with a total prize pool of US $ 100,000 (nearly Rp1.5 billion)!

4. This Fortnite Skin – Peely Bone

This fortnite skin is the most disliked 2021

After being eaten by Jonesy in Season 9, Fortnite returned Peely in the form of a 2019 Halloween skin for 1,500 VBucks. In keeping with the spooky atmosphere, this skin features a half skull Peely, earning it the nickname “Peely Bone”. Then, why is this skin hated? The answer is the design.

First, why is Peely Bone described as having intestines? This has some players wondering if Peely is a banana or is it actually a person ?! Well, at least Peely Bone can have a chilling effect on Fortnite, to the point that players question their own ethics!

5. This Fortnite Skin – Aura

This fortnite skin is the most disliked 2021

Also released in 2019 with the Guild skin, the Aura skin is priced at 800 VBucks. Included in the ranks of the most hated skins in Fortnite, the reason is eleven twelve with Crystal skins. Aura is also widely used by pro players. However, that is not the main reason.

Some players who use Aura skin are only wannabe! That is, they want to look like pro players, but are not very good at it yet. Maybe, if their skills are comparable to Aura’s skin which is an “Uncommon” skin, maybe they will protest a little. Well, this one? Just style!

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Those are the 5 most disliked Fortnite skins, until they are hated by the players. Indeed, maybe this skin makes its users feel proud. However, in the battle royale arena, get ready to be an easy target if you use these skins

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