This genre-bender is a creepy marriage between Factorio and Don & # 39; t Starve

This genre-bender is a creepy marriage between factorio and don & # 39; t starve

In Atrium: The Dark Wild you are an android in an abandoned neon cyber city. Everything is dark, the city is full of rogue and cruel cyborg animals and the lights have to be turned on again. It's an open world survival game fused with an automation factory building game. Also, since these are horrible dog things with push plates for heads coming out of the darkness to kill you, you’re likely to get scared at least once.

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As your character gets to explore the city, restore its functions, and find new things as you unravel a narrative mystery, but also create a base. A base with many conveyor belts and throwing objects and push plate dogs that you have captured and turned into factory parts. You also need to keep your base defenses automated, as you’re exploring so much, adding a new twist to this hybrid genre. It's a bit like playing a simple Factory, but you also have to deal with the dangerous expeditions of Don & # 39; t Starve outside the comfortable walls of your base.

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