This lo-fi horror roguelike looks like the best Resident Evil spin-off Capcom has ever made

This lo-fi horror roguelike looks like the best resident evil spin-off capcom has ever made

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Draft of Darkness is a game I didn’t know existed this morning, and now it’s a game I have to play. It's one of those where to explain it, you have to combine many concepts together: it's a lo-fi horror game, from top to bottom, where the combat takes place through card battles and the general loop of the game deals of roof construction for each race. It’s also one of those that, if you watch the trailer, you’ll get the appeal instantly – and it’ll be out in a few days.

The most irresistible aspect of this for me is that the horror aesthetic of the Playstation 1 era. Whether your goal is Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve or whatever otherwise, the artistic style recreates this atmosphere without resembling any of them: although what has reminded me most is Resident Evil: Outbreak, a disappointing entry for PS2 with multiple survivors trying to escape Raccoon City and rely on the different skills of each.

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