This mouse with a 12,000 DPI sensor for gaming has dropped to $ 10

This mouse with a 12,000 dpi sensor for gaming has dropped to $ 10

Bargain hunters looking for a gaming mouse should look no further than Nixcen’s Nixeus Revel Fit, which is on sale today in Newegg for $ 9.99. Normally, such a low price for a mouse would be a red flag, especially one that was billed as a "game" rodent. But considering the specifications and reviews from users, it’s worth considering, even if it’s just to have a backup.

By the way, the economic prices are offered thanks to a discount of $ 30; it has a list price of $ 39.99, which is still quite affordable for a gaming mouse, although the lower price is closer to some lower-end models from more well-known brands.

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Low price gaming mouse with 12,000 DPI

Game Mouse Nixus Revel Fit | 12,000 DPI | $ 39.99 $ 9.99 to Newegg (save $ 30)
Don't be fooled by the very cheap prices, this lightweight gaming mouse includes a Pixart MM3360 sensor, Omron switches and eight programmable buttons.See offer

The highlight of this model (apart from the $ 10 price tag) is the Pixart MW3360 sensor. This is the same sensor found in mice as the Glorious Model O and Cooler Master MM520 and MasterMouse Pro L mice.

There are eight preconfigured DPI settings, ranging from 400 DPI at the bottom to 12,000 DPI at the top. You can probably modify them with the Nixeus Revel software utility, although this is a completely optional installation: it's a plug-n-play mouse, meaning you don't need custom software or a driver.

The mouse also includes Omron switches for main clicks, which are two of the five programmable buttons on the Revel Fit. This is not often found in a $ 10 mouse. It also has a relatively light design, with 100 grams.

I haven’t used this mouse myself, but user reviews on Amazon and Newegg are encouraging, as are some of the experiences posted on Reddit.

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