This Sesame Street survival horror game turns Elmo's World into hell

This sesame street survival horror game turns elmo's world into hell

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We live in a golden age of indie horror games. All it takes is a little MadLibs to come up with something really disturbing, even if the internet will complain about the most successful game clones. Really, I don’t know how else you’ll end up with something ridiculous like My Friendly Neighborhood, a new survival horror game set in a Sesame Street-inspired TV studio. I guess we all have different answers to Mr. Rogers.

Made by independent developer John Syzmanski, who previously played quirky narrative games like Kyle is Famous, My Friendly Neighborhood launches you as a local repairman tasked with figuring out why the former abandoned TV studio suddenly emits new signals. This is pretty classic as the horror game settings go, sharing a bit of DNA with Bendy and the Ink Machine, where a cartoonist appears who returns to his friend’s animation studio and discovers a demonic infestation.

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The game combines a bit of Resident Evil-style puzzle resolution with lots and lots of human-sized Muppets features, including a fake Ernie and a more generic Muppet girl with pigtails. Syzmanski is adamant that the game will be based on real scares rather than gore, but that doesn’t seem to stop the puppets from bending their thorns as if they were late for a limbo competition. It seems that several copies of each puppet can hunt you down at once through the "non-linear" structure of the game.

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There is also a great element of dark humor. Syzmanski has added a mechanical pistol called the "Rolodexer" that spits out the letters of the alphabet. The “letter of the day” has never been so deadly. In addition to sneaking through studio sets and boardrooms, there are more bizarre environments, such as an area made with colored pencil art. Elme & # 39; s World, where you take a "leaf pot" drawn with colored pencils and place it in the sink drawn with colored pencils.

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Perhaps most importantly, you have a grid-based inventory to manage all of your weapons and objects to kill puppets.

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