This short beautifully captures the long-term experience of World of Warcraft

This short beautifully captures the long-term experience of world of warcraft

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CarbotAnimations it is a Canadian study best known for his occasional collaborations with Blizzard, the most notable of which was probably this delightful Starcraft cartoon makeover. But Carbot has done animations and videos on almost every Blizzard property (and they’re all really good), probably that’s why, when he decided to do something a little more sincere, he hit me straight.

“This is World of Warcraft” is a summary of the game’s lifespan, its relationships, and what happens over time. It’s a story that will affect anyone who has ever invested in an MMO, because of course what makes these games special is the other people. These experiences, after all, are not about reaching the maximum level or getting the best possible final team: they are about the journey and who you take it with.

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