This Stardew Valley phone app is a must for serious farmers

This stardew valley phone app is a must for serious farmers

There are many things to keep track of in Stardew Valley. Endless lists of crops, fish, birthdays, likes, dislikes, community packages, animals, recipes and more. Using the Stardew Valley Wiki it's great for finding things, but since my setup computer has a screen, I always have to pause the game and remove it from the browser. It’s a total blow to my farm flow when I have to leave the game to check something out, like how many days it takes bok choy to grow, a small but vital knowledge.

But my tab days are over, as I recently discovered a phone app that contains everything I need. FanMade: Stardew Valley Guide is the perfect companion for when you need quick access to information. Everything is clearly organized into different categories with all the information you need. There are so many things I love about this app, but I'll list them down to a list of my favorite features:

  • Hours of the villagers: Below each character's profile is each season's calendar, which lets you know where they are at any time of the day. Very useful if you try to maximize the friendship hearts of each character.
  • Community Package Checklist: It's useless to remember what I need to complete a package, but now the app provides a handy checklist so you can keep track of which items you need.
  • Fish locations: A good guide to getting all those annoying fish. For example, anglerfish are incredibly difficult to locate, but the app has screenshots and arrows that show exactly where to fish. You can also arrange fish by season, which is very helpful.
  • A calendar: You no longer have to walk to Pierre's shop to check the calendar, the app has a calendar where all the character's birthdays and events are displayed.

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The only downside to the app is that you’ll get occasional five-second ads, but I didn’t find them dominant and it’s worth it, as the app is free. Sure, the Stardew Valley wiki will always be a basic part of the Stardew experience, but this smart app is the best choice when you don’t want to disrupt your parsnip farming.

Stardew valley

(Image credit: chiko_tzu)

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