This third-person modification of Resident Evil Village turns Ethan into a headless monster

This third-person modification of resident evil village turns ethan into a headless monster [/ embed]

Resident Evil Village could continue the pivot of Resi 7 into first-person horror, but a modder is trying to regain the last root entry in the third person of the series. You still won't lose your mind about it, okay?

Seen by Eurogamer and currently under development to the developer Patreó, The FluffyQuack modification is described as "very experimental" for good reason. I think the biggest thing is that our man Ethan Winters is missing his head. A heavily armed beheaded man in a parka might be a good shout out for a new Resi monster, but it’s a strange sight for our downtrodden protagonist.

The modification also breaks some interactions with objects in the game, and Ethan's gun doesn't quite point where it's supposed to. The camera will also reappear in the first person from time to time. But it’s certainly impressive in how it does it above all works, and a previous video shows Quack walking through House Beneviento in the third person as one of Lady D's daughters. [/ embed]

Still, a headless Ethan Winters isn't the scariest thing we've seen in the Resident Evil mod scene. This site is currently a review between the big baby Chris Redfield i Lady Dimitrescu, the engine of the tank. Chase.

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