This third-person modification of Skyrim looks like a drug

This third-person modification of skyrim looks like a drug

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One of the truisms about Bethesda games, and I love them so much, is that they look fun in the third person. The default first-person perspective? You can almost hear the deep "voice of epic fantasy adventure." Hook it up in the third person and almost immediately the voice transforms into saxophone music as your avatar bangs stiffly against the landscape.

Of course, there are already a lot of Skyrim modifications that make various adjustments to the third-person display (here’s the best of the best Skyrim models: SE). The big problem with modifying True Direction Movement (first marked by Eurogamer) is not only to allow a complete 360 ​​° movement, although this is the main feature. It ended up putting a bunch of other additions on top to make it feel like a more contemporary third-person action game – like, for example, a target lock that is also can be used to aim projectiles.

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