This week's gifts at Epic Games Store are Obduction and Offworld Trading Company

This week's gifts at epic games store are obduction and offworld trading company

Obduction and Offworld Trading Company are available for free at Epic Games Store from July 23rd. If you already have Offworld Trading Company in your Epic library, it’s probably because the game was offered as a free gift last year, but Obduction is a newcomer and a modern, decent version of the Myst template. As always, if you add them to the library this week, you’ll keep them forever.

Offworld Trading Company is a 2016 strategy game that is our reviewer described as a "ruthless management simulator on the exploitation of people, prices and planets". It's a storyteller with a rather sharp difficulty curve, but it will definitely keep you busy until the next free download arrives. Obduction is a first-person puzzle game and Myst's spiritual successor. It's a good evolution of this classic, which releases some annoyance and adds some interesting ideas.

Next week’s free Epic Games Store games are Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun: the first is a detailed tower defense simulator, while the second is a World War I first-person shooter focused on authenticity.

These are the news of what are now hundreds of gifts at Epic Games Store. To see what's ahead and what's coming soon, check out List of free games from Epic Games Store.

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