Tim Sweeney: Steam Deck is "an amazing move by Valve"

Tim sweeney: steam deck is "an amazing move by valve"

Whether you think Steam Deck is the next big problem for PC games, or just a small Steam machine waiting, if you’re a gamer, you’re likely to have some sort of opinion about it. Announced today by Valve, it’s a powerful (and expensive) machine that makes the entire Steam library portable.

What’s potentially even more interesting, though, is that you can treat it like a conventional PC if you prefer. Unlike, for example, the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck will allow users to run pretty much whatever they want: if you want to erase everything and replace the pre-installed SteamOS with Windows, well, fine. Your performance may not be great, as the new version of SteamOS is optimized for Steam Deck hardware, but if you agree with that, so is Valve.

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