To the Moon 3 is a temporary loop murder mystery, released this month

To the moon 3 is a temporary loop murder mystery, released this month

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After being announced in Ye Olde 2019, To the Moon 3 finally has a release date. On September 30, 2021, the third game in the highly successful adventure series opens.

The first On the Moon, released in 2011, was a strangely moving narrative adventure after two doctors who began the memories of a dying patient with the goal of rewriting them to fulfill their latest wish. In 2017 we got a sequel called Finding Paradise which was followed by the same doctors with a new patient. For Moon 3, called the "Imposter Factory", it obviously has a darker tone. He still follows the good doctors. Watts and Rosalene, but this time deal with a man named Quincy while living a murder mystery in a mysterious mansion.

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Judging by the trailer, things will get even weirder when the Lovecraftian tentacles reach through a portal and approach Earth. The game's Steam page says it's only a third of what Impostor Factory is all about, but I'm already intrigued if Cthulhu's detective work can make me cry like the original. Fortunately, Freebird says you don’t have to play previous games to enjoy it.

To the moon

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If it’s been a hot minute since you thought about the Freebird Games developer stories, they’ve previously published comics after Dr. Watts and Rosalene, and plans to release another comic alongside the Impostor Factory release. You can wish list Impostor Factory on Steam now.

If you are a fan of narrative adventures, I recommend you play the whole series. The PC Gamer team even considers it one of the best video game narratives out there. Given that the original came out literally a decade ago, it was part of the first wave of indies that really dared to explore very different stories in very different ways, two years before games like Gone Home or Dear Esther established certain gender troops. The bones of the game were incorporated into RPG Maker, but that never stops you from eliciting genuine emotion from your pixel art characters, and I guarantee you won’t be able to tell where the story is going from moment to moment. I haven’t played Finding Paradise yet, but apparently I’ve been sitting in my Steam library for a few years now, so I know what I’m doing this week.

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